Massage Therapists

Monique McCardle, Massage Therapist

Monique completed her 2200hr remedial massage therapy training at MH Vicars School of Massage. She has also completed course work at Grant MacEwan University in nursing with a focus on mental health. This education and experience has inspired her to utilize her skills as an avenue to aid in achieving better mental and physical well-being for her clients. Always looking to expand her knowledge and skill, she enjoys attending various workshops. She has additional training as a Reiki Practitioner and is a member in good standing with the Natural Health Practitioner’s Association.

Brandy Harker, Massage Therapist

Brandy is a 3000 hour Registered Massage Therapist with an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma. She also has certifications in Pediatric Massage Therapy and Infant Massage Instruction, as well as Pediatric Oncology Massage. She is able to perform many techniques such as, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic Massage, Myofacial Cupping, Intra-oral Massage for TMJ sufferers, Prenatal Massage, Therapeutic Massage Therapy and Pediatric/Infant  Massage Therapy. To optimize the rehabilitation/recovery and or maintenance and prevention of injury for her clients, Brandy works closely with our team of Chiropractors.

Brandy has a genuine passion for the work that she does with her clients. She finds great fulfillment in facilitating treatment plans to aide her clients to achieve their health goals. She is very sensitive to the diverse needs of her clients. As such, every consideration is made to ensure their comfort, while achieving the optimal response from the tissues/muscles she affects to encourage the body to heal in a healthy manner.  Brandy also understands the many aspects of providing treatments for her Pediatric clients, and the variables that come along with working with children. She strives to ensure a safe and accommodating atmosphere during these specialized treatments.

Cheryl Nietupski, Massage Therapist

Cheryl has been practicing as a registered massage therapist since 2011. She has helped people overcome everything from stress issues, to minor strains, repetitive use syndrome, sciatic, neck and back pain, and headaches etc. She has aided patients in recovery from car accidents, illness, injuries and trauma. Cheryl utilizes a wide variety of techniques from deep tissue, to trigger point therapy, to relaxation and determines which is the best approach for her patients.

Beyond relief and relaxation, Cheryl aims to teach her patients about their bodies and help uncover the root cause of their ailments so they can prevent recurrences in the future. She works to develop a long term health improvement strategy with her patients.