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Children and Chiropractic


Why have your children checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic?

Chiropractors are neuromuscular specialists. Like a dentist who checks teeth and teaches proper dental hygiene, your doctor of chiropractic checks the nerves, muscles and bones for normal function, movement, alignment and posture. One of our primary goals in chiropractic is to teach children proper spinal hygiene and overall good health habits. This way we can reduce and hopefully prevent many of the common problems in our muscles, bones and joints that we see later in adult life.

Do chiropractors work with other health professionals?2022-03-30T20:04:22+00:00

Most certainly we do. At Brentwood Chiropractic we pride ourselves on our strong referral network and relationship with other health providers. We work with medical doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists, naturopaths, and massage therapists to help ensure that your child gets the best and most appropriate care available.

What about other health problems my child may have?2022-03-30T20:04:10+00:00

The number of children complaining of headaches, neck and back pains, along with sore legs and shoulders is often surprising to parents. Most of these problems are not due to so-called ‘growing pains’ but are usually due to simple biomechanical problems of muscle imbalance, misalignments, ‘fallen arches’, or other recognizable and treatable conditions.

Athletes see us for treatment of sports injuries. We utilize a wide variety of soft tissue techniques, adjustments, and specific therapies (from ultrasound to electrotherapy to laser) to ensure a quick return to action.

Many other young athletes will see us for therapeutic exercise programs to reduce injuries and improve athletic performance. Others will come in before a competition or performance for a ‘sports tune-up’. We will be sure their spine is balanced and moving properly, that their muscles are stretched and flexible, and that they are feeling the best they can be when entering their event.

Finally, we offer advice and second opinions if there are any non-drug, non-surgical options that are safe and appropriate for their health concerns.

Why is posture so important?2022-03-30T20:03:57+00:00
Good posture is more than good looks. It means better breathing, improved cardiovascular function, less problems with headaches, back pain and irritability. There is also less fatigue and improved alertness in school.

When we realize that 60% of all spinal growth is achieved by age 4 and by age 10 approximately 80% has been completed early care and education is vital.

Do children really have spinal problems?2022-03-30T20:03:46+00:00
According to medical and chiropractic experts they do. Based on studies of school age children in the USA, Canada, England, and Switzerland showed 25 to 40% of all pupils had or were experiencing back pain. The report stated that lower back pain in adolescents is a significant health problem. Research suggests that the initial onset and subsequent cost of low-back pain may, in fact, occur early in youth.

There are many stressors on a young child’s spine from falls to injuries in sports. There are also the postural strains from heavy back packs, improper desks and countless hours of TV and video games producing “Nintendo numbness”, “Texter’s neck”, and “Play Station palsy”.

Please click on this link for information for parents and teachers on proper use and choice of back packs.

Alberta College and Association of CHIROPRACTORS: The Kids Handout

What do medical people say about chiropractic care for children?2022-03-30T20:03:33+00:00

Many medical people, especially experts in spinal disorders, recognize the benefits of chiropractic care for people of all ages. However, some MD’s who are not familiar with modern chiropractic care mistakenly believe chiropractors x-ray all children and utilize rough, unsafe procedures, which is false.

The April 1992 American Journal of Public Health 1 recommended the following treatment for children:

  1. Education – about posture, lifestyle, exercise and nutrition. Children have always been forced to sit for long periods in school. This is compounded in this age of computers, video games, and reduced physical activity. Fast foods, junk foods and sweets are more readily available than ever before. Health experts must emphasize healthy lifestyles and this is the very principle on which chiropractic was founded.
  2. Preventative Care – with a focus on early correction of joint and muscle alignment and dysfunction that, though painless at first, leads in due course to back pain, headaches and numerous other disorders.


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