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Headaches: the role your diet plays

By Dr. Jill Mckinnon Migraines are one of the top disabilities in young adults across the globe. 14 percent of the population suffers from migraines and like most aches and […]

Five steps to identify and eliminate headache triggers

Last month on the blog, we discussed the impact that your diet has on your headaches. We covered different additives and chemicals in food that are common culprits amongst my […]

How many of these road trip troubles have you experienced?

Life can be a little strange in 2020, but summer road trips don’t have to go away. We maybe can’t spend much time exploring the world on foot this year, […]

Preventing Sports Injury in Children

A recent article lays out suggestions for return to organized sport training for youth sports after quarantine. “Children continued to grow during the lockdown period. There can be dramatic changes […]

What Is Inflammation?

Misconceptions abound around the topic of inflammation. Some mistakenly believe that this condition is always temporary. Others think inflammation is only caused by infectious diseases. Here are the facts about […]

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Staying Healthy During the Pandemic

During these challenging times, it is the responsibility of every Canadian to practice social distancing in order to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases. In other words, we should all […]

Self Management Strategies

The chiropractors at Brentwood Chiropractic supplement manual therapy treatments with active care and rehabilitation recommendations. Here are some great videos of exercises and stretches that you can do at home […]

Giving Feedback to Your Chiropractor

Everyone enjoys hearing that they’re doing a job well. However, feedback is crucially important between a patient and their healthcare team, even if that feedback is less than stellar. A […]